Friday, 6 May 2011

Post 11: Fair enough.

Blog Thing 11
  1. What do you think of ideas behind the Open Syllabus tool? Closing an eye on the danger of the tool's being used to further the bureaucratization of academic learning environments, "Open Syllabus" appears to have the potential for facilitating the work of academic educators and students alike.What was you impression?  Reasonably simple to use (not too time consuming); probably deserves being on CamTools.
  2. In what ways do you see this being useful as a course organiser?  By way of facilitating the formating of syllabi, avoiding avoidable ambiguities.  But I am still doubtful of appeals to "systematizing" and even "setting clear expectations." Clarity, which is not a virtue in itself, can be blinding--especially when given all at once at the beginning of a journey.Would you consider using it if it were available? Yes.
  3. Using OpenSyllabus, did you find it illuminating or frustrating? Slightly handy (wouldn't go as far as saying "illuminating").
    Are there any ways you would change it to better reflect what you want to do (e.g. wording/headings...)?
  4. How is your syllabus currently been set up? Is it online? Does it link to downloadable links or is it just a flat list? How do you compare OpenSyllabus with those? I have always/only prepared "flat list" syllabi, keeping them as plain as possible.  Using Open Syllabus I would aim at similar results, with the addition of introducing links to downloadable resources.

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