Friday, 13 May 2011

Blog 12

Blog Thing 12
  1. (1Q) Did you find the session design process in LDSE intuitive? How? If
    not, please comment of how it fails to support how you do things usually.
    (1R) The process is straight-forward, but quickly I gained the sense that
    the platform is far *too* supportive. A bit of support is one thing;
    programmatic digitalizing of a course of learning is another. The former
    can be of direct service to the learning environment (classroom); the
    latter is likely to be only of use to extra-learning-environment
    bureaucrats and institutions.
    (2Q) What pedagogic insights did you gain into the session you described in
    the exercise? How could these help you design or deliver it differently?
    (2R) One thing the platform may help with is laying out facets of
    educators' concern when planning out an academic course of studies. But
    much of the jiggling involved in the LDSE program strikes me as expendable;
    a bit as relying on a very sophisticated computer to perform calculations
    such as 5+5. The charting out of proportions in aspects of courses of
    learning reminds me of "cost-effectiveness" charts in extra-academic
    (3Q) What problems do you have with LDSE as you have seen it?
    (3R) It is far too restraining for the educator and potentially
    counter-productive (distracting from the true aims of education) for a
    student who were to rely upon it. I am aware of the technical "efficiency"
    of the program (of how "high" the formatting/grid is placed above the
    particular changing/malleable needs of real learning environments); but I
    am also aware of the fact that technical efficiency ought not to trap our
    judgment in a web of sticky pre-formatted expectations--no matter how
    "high" ( above us these are capable of hiding.
    Essentially what LDSE appears to be aiming at is the gradual replacement of
    the educator's discerning virtue with "the machine."
    (4Q) What do you like about it?
    (4R) The platform "unpacks" many facets of institutional expectations.
    (5Q) Would you be interested in seeing the finished software?
    (5R) No.

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