Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Blog 10: Humpty Dumpty in the Vortex

Blog Thing 10
  1. What do you think of the ideas behind Viewpoint cards? "Brainstorming" works only on the assumption that thought is naturally (originally) incarcerated in the "subjective" viewpoint (brain, pineal gland, etc.) whence it must be salvaged into an arena of collaboration (peace-making, historical dialectic, etc.).  But must we not understand the assumption in question as needy of being transplanted from the prison of psychic abstractions into the agora of disputation? Were this the case, then it may turn out that thought is not at all originally tied to any "subjective viewpoint" after all!  But then "brainstorming" may not be an appropriate strategy for enlightenment.  And if not, then the "viewpoint" card may have to be withdrawn from the deck.
    What was your impression (of the idea as well as the online version)? Simple-minded (based on video presentation, since when I tried to access Viewpoints, the system did not seem to accept my own, not allowing me to advance beyond the "Create a New Arrangement" window.) and unrealistic (most things in life and academic courses alike don't fit pre-established grids).  I would find it more attractive to explore *old* approaches to course outlining.  
  2. In what way do you see this being useful to you as a course organiser? Would you consider using it (either the cards or the online version) when you would (re)design a course? No.  Thought is not born piecemeal or pre-packaged.  I see no reason why it should end up that way, either.
  3. Using the online Viewpoints cards, did you find it illuminating or frustrating? Not illuminating.
    Are there any ways you would change it to better reflect what you want to do (e.g. wording, whole idea or concepts that don't work for you)? I would leave "instructions" to a bare minimum--e.g. a set of loose/indicative suggestions for educators, who, supposedly, are capable of dialoguing without relying upon an alien supporting net.  There probably ought to be guidelines, but these ought to be set by a government accountable to reason, and not by bureaucrats hiding behind the persona of reason.
  4. What tools do you currently use when (re)designing a course? How do you compare Viewpoints with those you're already using?  None, currently, but I am considering CamTools as a near-future option.  As tempting as Viewpoints does appear, I would prefer to think out course objectives off any handy grid.  The time for desirable cribs has passed, for me.  Were any to be ever imposed, I would bow to it as I must.

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