Friday, 1 April 2011

Thing 4

Responding to:   Blog Thing 4
  1. What do you think of the idea of Course Map?  
  2. How does it compare with any other representations you have of your course?
  3. Filling out your own course map, did you find it illuminating or frustrating?  Are there any ways you would change it to better reflect what you do? 
  4. In what ways do you see this being useful to you as a course designer?
1 and 2. The map resemples a computer flowchart.  As such it tacitly invites students to approach their course of studies as a digitally compartimentalized entity, rather than as a place for serious, "organic" thinking.  For courses spilling out of any mechanistic network of instruction, I see no reason to abandon the prose-style of a more traditional Course Outline.
3.  "Frustrating" in the respect that genuine learning resists digitalizing/marketing devices, just as an honest course of learning discourages the habit of approaching subjects of learning piecemeal as merchandise. 
4. After considerable thought: None.

P.S. I would have pasted my personalized "Map" if only I knew how to.  Tried to save it first as a "Picture" but could not find the precise option (I am given the option of saving the powerpoint as GIF, JPEG, TIFF, etc. but none are accepted).
UPDATE: Finally managed to upload a sample Course Map (for whatever it is worth).


  1. I would actually be interested in seeing your map! What a shame you can't see a way to upload it; we often upload images in JPEG or Png format and that usually works fine.
    Maybe the picture is too big? You can also try to make a screenshot of it if you haven't tried that yet, maybe it works to upload that? Or, if you're using CamTools, you can as well upload it to your 'Personal Tools' section and in 'Resources' you can make it public, and then share the link to the resource here.

  2. Thanks for the map M.T. Cicero, to me it seems like a very accessible one-page overview. It may be it is more useful for students than for designers. I find the headings let me integrate the information you have provided easily and quickly, rather than predisposing me against seeing the whole.